Luvina Beckley Helps Make Communities Better

May 16, 2018
Under Luvina Beckley-Knight’s leadership, the business model of her firm, MHM and Associates, has worked quite well, indeed. As a grant writing firm, they enjoy a success rate greater than 75 percent, which is miles above the industry average. So far, they have secured a whopping $100 million-plus in grants for many projects designed to make life better for people. Luvina and MHM have received recognition from officials with the state of California and the federal government for their design and efficiency efforts when it comes to improving communities.

Overall, it can be said that Luvina Beckley-Knight is seen by many as a community leader. One reason for that is her ability to locate and also secure funding for projects in a number of very important areas, including health and human services, criminal justice, economic development and arts and culture. However, they have worked to find backing for a great many other types of projects as well. Under Luvina Beckley-Knight‘s leadership, MHM uses large support teams to back the grant writers, which provides them with a lot more power.

Luvina Beckley-Knight And Her Grant Writing Success

May 16, 2018
When you look closely into the career of Luvina Beckley-Knight, who is the founder and leader of MHM and Associate, the most noticeable thing about her comes with her unwillingness to avoid a difficult challenge. For more than a couple decades in the business of grant writing and funding of projects to improve the lives of people and communities. She is always in competition with others for the limited amount of grant money available and she has never been shy about meeting that competition head-on.

Luvina Beckley-Knight has always been very competitive and she and her firm have made countless lives better. It has been suggested that her proven expertise in her field has provided a significant economic boost to regional and local communities through the use of community revitalization activities, grants and targeted investment. he and her firm’s 77 percent success rate ranks among the best in the business and that success has resulted in more than $100 million in grants for a wide range of very important projects.